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Travel Blog: Greece and Rome

16 Sep

Tuesday, September 4: Arrival in Athens

We arrived in Athens around 10 a.m. On the flight from Phoenix to New York, a woman sitting next to us on the plane told me, “There’s even happiness in your sigh. I’m a little jealous.” My excitement had waned from exhaustion by the time we finally landed in Athens (it was 5.5 hours flying from Phoenix to NYC, and then 10 hours from NYC to Athens). We managed to navigate our way to the city center using public transportation (another two hours, on trains), but quickly got lost on foot looking for our hotel – which wouldn’t have been so bad if we hadn’t been hauling our luggage up the steep, hilly streets of Athens. We stopped for directions at Goody’s, the only fast food chain in Athens, and sat on the patio listening to old men loudly argue about politics in Greek. There was one old man who had a bunch of newspapers, and was meticulously laying them out on the table in front of him. By the time we got to our hotel, we’d already been in Athens for nearly four hours. Thankfully, our hotel – Athens Atrium – was a wonderful, comfortable, clean, four-star establishment with a jacuzzi tub and a maid who thought I was British. I’ve heard people make fun of people who insist on having a nice hotel room when they travel, but after almost 24 hours of lugging around heavy bags, there was nothing I wanted more than a nice, hot bath and a comfortable bed.

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