Top 12 Tweets #LaserTwitter Imposed on Brandville During Super Bowl Week

2 Feb

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, a subversive, Phoenix-based group called ONOMOLY took over some headspace in Downtown Phoenix the week of Super Bowl XLIX, projecting Twitter updates with the hashtag #lasertwitter onto a large banner on the roof of an empty warehouse. They were seen by thousands of people crammed into the core of Phoenix for Super Bowl celebrations, and reportedly ticked off Bud Light by invading its wallspace on the outside of the Hotel Palomar. Here’s our favorite dozen #lasertwitter projections:

“Be an active creator, not a passive consumer. Your life is more than work, TV, Eat, Drink.”

“Drink craft beer! Bud Light is the McDonald’s of beer.”

“I give you chicken, you take my space.”

“There’s this beautiful thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!”

“What happens in Phoenix stays in Tent City.”

“Why did the banana go to the doctor… He was not peeling so well.”

“Tara and Jonny were horrible choices. Culture in AZ is NOT about wives and wild west shows.”

“hello. this is dog. where am I?”

“#Phoenix needs to build for need, not greed!”

“Spent $9k to watch grown men play a child’s game? Remember, 870 million men, women, and children are starving worldwide.”

“I see you from floor 22 above the Palomar. Nice sign!”

“Loins and sharts halftime show” (My own contribution. I couldn’t resist.)


2 Responses to “Top 12 Tweets #LaserTwitter Imposed on Brandville During Super Bowl Week”

  1. meeble February 3, 2015 at 11:24 am #

    Glad you dug #LaserTwitter, Niki! We will be putting out a fully produced video tomorrow on I’ll shoot you a copy. 🙂


  1. Laser Twitter: Media of the people, for the people, by the people. | The Phoenix Edge - February 6, 2015

    […] “Top 12 Tweets #LaserTwitter Imposed on Brandville During Super Bowl Week” […]

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