Niki D'Andrea

Me in paparazzi parody mode.

My name’s Niki (with one “k,” mmkay?), and I’m a wacky writer. I seek the strange, and I believe truth is stranger than fiction. I like to tell stories about the people I meet and the places I explore; share information about cool, cutting-edge stuff; and experience fantastical (or farcical) things.

I’ve chased Prince up an escalator, danced with Janet Napolitano when she was Arizona Governor, sat in one of Shaquille O’Neal’s shoes, explored remote gold and amethyst mines, stood in the rain with Courtney Love, and walked so many miles through foreign cities that my big toes wore holes in the soles of my boots. And there are so many more stories yet to be told, both my own and those of people much cooler/crazier/more creative than me.

I’m always looking for arts and culture things to cover for my blog, The Phoenix Edge, especially anything off the beaten path. Please contact me with comments, or to submit story tips or information about an event in the Phoenix area.




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