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Laser Twitter: Media of the people, for the people, by the people.

6 Feb

Over the weekend of Super Bowl XLIX, amid the blitz of Budweiser banners, screaming fans, superstar bands and cha-ching of cash registers selling only NFL-approved brands and sponsor products, something really cool happened: People — regular Joes and Janes who had not paid millions of dollars to monopolize the atmosphere of Downtown Phoenix — had their anti-corporate and pro-local statements broadcast loud and clear, on a 50-foot banner above the roof of an empty warehouse near the heart of Super Bowl Central. The technology? Simply log on to Twitter and Tweet your message, with the hashtag #LaserTwitter, and it would be broadcast using several RGB lasers on the massive banner, and frequently on the side of the Hotel Palomar building, home of the Bud Light House of Whatever.The reaction? Bud Light reps asked Phoenix PD to make it stop, reportedly upset because they’d asked the hotel if they could project on the building and had been denied.

Laser Twitter Super Bowl ONOMOLY from ONOMOLY on Vimeo.

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Top 12 Tweets #LaserTwitter Imposed on Brandville During Super Bowl Week

2 Feb

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, a subversive, Phoenix-based group called ONOMOLY took over some headspace in Downtown Phoenix the week of Super Bowl XLIX, projecting Twitter updates with the hashtag #lasertwitter onto a large banner on the roof of an empty warehouse. They were seen by thousands of people crammed into the core of Phoenix for Super Bowl celebrations, and reportedly ticked off Bud Light by invading its wallspace on the outside of the Hotel Palomar. Here’s our favorite dozen #lasertwitter projections:

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