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Shameless Plug: PHOENIX magazine’s YouTube site

15 Mar

phx mag youtube

I’ve recently become more interested and involved in video shoots for PHOENIX magazine. I’ve blogged about some of the videos I’m in – like the Tent City lunch review with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a tour of Alice Cooper’s teen center, and the quickie shoot with Rob Halford of Judas Priest, but there are so many more marvelous videos at the PHOENIX magazine YouTube site, including an at-home interview with Vickie Kerr, creator of Miss Vickie’s potato chips; a behind-the-scenes video from our “Best of the Valley” cover photo shoot with Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald; how-to drink recipe videos from Summer Cocktail Camp at The Gladly; a “Top 5 Valley Desserts” video with radio personality Monti Carlo; and many more. Videos coming to the PHOENIX mag YouTube channel soon include a behind-the-scenes look at our photo shoot with Olympian Amy Van Dyken and a cooking video on how to make cannabis butter with chef Payton Curry,

Check out the channel at


Backstage with Judas Priest singer Rob Halford (exclusive video)

18 Feb

halford spread

The March issue of PHOENIX magazine features a two-page Q&A with Judas Priest singer Rob Halford by freelance writer Lauren Wise. To accompany this story, members of the magazine crew attended Judas Priest’s show in Phoenix last November, and shot the video below (which also features footage of yours truly). Enjoy, rock on, and pick up the March issue of PHOENIX magazine (on newsstands February 19) for more of the metal god!

Playback: Tent City Jail Food Critique with Sheriff Joe Arpaio

12 Feb

No explanation or exposition. Just this.

Laser Twitter: Media of the people, for the people, by the people.

6 Feb

Over the weekend of Super Bowl XLIX, amid the blitz of Budweiser banners, screaming fans, superstar bands and cha-ching of cash registers selling only NFL-approved brands and sponsor products, something really cool happened: People — regular Joes and Janes who had not paid millions of dollars to monopolize the atmosphere of Downtown Phoenix — had their anti-corporate and pro-local statements broadcast loud and clear, on a 50-foot banner above the roof of an empty warehouse near the heart of Super Bowl Central. The technology? Simply log on to Twitter and Tweet your message, with the hashtag #LaserTwitter, and it would be broadcast using several RGB lasers on the massive banner, and frequently on the side of the Hotel Palomar building, home of the Bud Light House of Whatever.The reaction? Bud Light reps asked Phoenix PD to make it stop, reportedly upset because they’d asked the hotel if they could project on the building and had been denied.

Laser Twitter Super Bowl ONOMOLY from ONOMOLY on Vimeo.

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Inside Alice Cooper’s Attic and Thrift Store, and Solid Rock Teen Center

22 Jan

niki_aliceAs this recent Halloween photo shows, I’m a big fan of Alice Cooper. I’m a fan of his music, I’m a fan of his restaurant (Alice Cooper’stown), and most recently, I became a fan of his new thrift store (Alice’s Cooper’s Attic and Thrift Store), which is right next door to his nonprofit Solid Rock Teen Center.

I’ve met Alice before. He and his team have been great about giving PHOENIX magazine access, whether we’re writing about the “Big Unit” hot dogs at Alice Cooper’stown for our March 2013 “Bucket List” issue or writing about his thrift store (that’s in the February 2015 issue of PHOENIX magazine, on newsstands now). The video below is an exclusive tour of the thrift store and teen center, and features a fun little cameo from yours truly.

Playback: “Country Roads,” the History of Arizona Country Music

19 Jan

I decided to open a blog category called “Playback” to share some of the music writing and media I’ve done in the past. This entry is dedicated to a feature I wrote for PHOENIX magazine‘s July 2014 issue. The story was titled Arizona Country Roads, and it recounted the countless musicians who helped shape the country music soundscape in Arizona, from Duane Eddy and Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter to Marty Robbins and Tanya Tucker. The Herndon Brothers and Handlebar-J help continue the legacy; see my behind-the-scenes interview with them at this fine establishment below:

In addition to the web extra video for PHOENIX magazine, I was given the opportunity to discuss the story on the 91.5 KJZZ program Here and Now. The full audio segment is here.

Happy Ass and the Angry Sheep

25 Oct

Yesterday, I posted all about my trip to the Arizona State Fair. One of the things I really wanted to do was interview a billy goat, and try to ask questions that could be answered with “baaaaad” and “whaaaaat” and “whooooaa” (yes, I’m a silly weirdo; no, I don’t mind making an ass out of myself).

Well, the goat Q&A didn’t happen. The only billy goats I found were in the petting zoo, and they were too busy following kids with candy and trying to eat my camera strap. So I decided to try and interview a bunch of sheep instead. Just before we started filming this, the handlers began bringing fresh food around, so we got a great chorus of cute and woolly whiners.