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Art Buy: Sebastien Millon

17 Oct

The Sebastien Millon print I purchased.

I’m an art buyer. That doesn’t mean I’m rich (far from it), or that I can commission large scale works from famous painters. No, when I say I’m an “art buyer,” it just means that I buy art. When I do, it’s usually something affordable by an underground or local artist.

This past Friday, I went to Main Street in downtown Mesa for the 2nd Friday Art Walk. I stopped by Evermore Nevermore, and was immediately drawn to the kooky cartoon art of Valley-based Sebastien Millon. Millon likes to draw anthropomorphic animals in asinine and hilarious situations. For example, he’s got one print of a “double-head bilingual unicorn,” and another of a polar bear pouring booze down a smaller bear’s throat with the caption “Drunky Bear says teaching your kids how to binge drink in important.”

I enjoy all of Millon’s designs, but my favorites are those that feature a violent, havoc-wreaking rabbit. He’s got one of a rabbit in a bomber jet that reads “Bunny can’t wait to bomb your house.” I bought an 8 x 10 print of that one, because my girlfriend Bootstrap loves bunnies, planes, and mischief. And it cost a mere $15.

Check out more of Sebastien Millon’s work at www.sebastienmillon.com.