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Phoenix band Lovesong debuts first music video

14 Jan

Phoenix ambient electronic project Lovesong’s first music video is a cool, creepy collage of broken baby dolls, disorienting flashes of light and flickering ¬†frame changes, and a dark, barely-linear soundscape loosely held together by sinewy snare drums, the persistent pulse and bleep of machines, and warbling keyboards. It’s quite good — especially for a band whose members are all deceased, according to their Facebook page.

There’s a gothic mythology behind that, of course — entities are alive and working on the posthumous album, with seven songs presently posted on Lovesong’s Soundcloud page. ¬†Check out the video for “boy girl song” — courtesy of Lovesong’s GJ Lithgow, Julio Lopez (of Grandpa Muck), and Anthony Vandawalker — below.