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Furry Fashion Show at the Firehouse

9 Jan

One happy unicorn.

The Firehouse has a giant pirate ship made from shopping carts docked in its back dirt lot; a skeletal, welded metal UFO perched atop its roof; and two makeshift wooden stages where people perform everything from fire-spinning dances to obscene sci-fi rap in sexy cyborg costumes. That’s just part of the peripheral grounds. Inside The Firehouse are artists’ apartments and studios, and a gallery (currently featuring a steampunk-themed show). It’s one of the longest-running independent artist collectives in downtown Phoenix, and I’ve seen a slew of quirky, fun stuff there.

It seems like every time I go there on a weekend with my girlfriend, Bootstrap, she somehow ends up becoming a last-minute part of whatever show’s going on. (Previously, she: participated in the annual “Fight Club” event by local promoters Sadisco*, getting into a chain-link octagon and wrestling with one of our friends; portrayed a “slave girl” devoured by someone in a giant Cthulu costume; and donned a metal breastplate for friends to use grinders on during an event by now-defunct group Grindwhore.)

So it was this past First Friday, when Bootstrap and I showed up at The Firehouse to watch a “steampunk fashion show,” and she ended up onstage in a giant hot pink bunny mask as part of a “furry fashion show.”

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