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Party with Lady Death at creator Brian Pulido’s chaos- and cake-filled Kickstarter launch event

29 Jan
lady death chaos rule no 1

Cover art by Paolo Pantalena

Graphically and novelly speaking — and speaking of graphic novels — writer Brian Pulido is sort of like a landscape painter… of underworlds full of stabby little knaves and puffy black clouds. I first met him while we were both serving as judges for a zombie beauty pageant at the 2009 Phoenix Comicon. At that point, he’d already had a successful career in comics with his publishing company, Chaos! Comics, and Lady Death and Evil Ernie series, and he was about to release the first full-length feature film he’d written and directed, a horror flick titled The Graves.

pulido ntA few months after meeting him in 2009,  I wrote a cover story (pictured left) about Pulido for Phoenix New Times called Desert Chills, right around the time The Graves came out in select theaters. We’ve stayed in touch – and busy – and since then.

Most recently, after writing Lady Death stories for different publishers over the past several years, Pulido announced he’s reacquired total control over Lady Death, and will publish the first Pulido-penned and Pulido-published Lady Death story in more than thirteen years, a 48-page graphic novel titled Chaos Rules #1, under the banner of Coffin Comics (of which his wife, Francisca Pulido, is president). The project, Pulido says, is finished, but hell awaits funds for production costs. That’s where his kick-ass Kickstarter launch party at Jesse James Comics in Glendale, AZ on Feb. 4 comes in. From 6 to 8 p.m., people can mingle with Brian and Francisca Pulido and get items signed, take photos with cosplayer Freddie Nova as Lady Death, make pledges on-site at computer stations, enjoy refreshments and eat cake. The first 100 attendees will also receive a cool commemorative Lady Death gift. We recently caught up with Pulido to talk about the appeal of Lady Death, the new graphic novel, and crazy Kickstarter rewards like a one-off edition with a $6,000 diamond embedded in the cover.

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