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Playback: “Country Roads,” the History of Arizona Country Music

19 Jan

I decided to open a blog category called “Playback” to share some of the music writing and media I’ve done in the past. This entry is dedicated to a feature I wrote for PHOENIX magazine‘s July 2014 issue. The story was titled Arizona Country Roads, and it recounted the countless musicians who helped shape the country music soundscape in Arizona, from Duane Eddy and Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter to Marty Robbins and Tanya Tucker. The Herndon Brothers and Handlebar-J help continue the legacy; see my behind-the-scenes interview with them at this fine establishment below:

In addition to the web extra video for PHOENIX magazine, I was given the opportunity to discuss the story on the 91.5 KJZZ program Here and Now. The full audio segment is here.