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Phoenix band Lovesong debuts first music video

14 Jan

Phoenix ambient electronic project Lovesong’s first music video is a cool, creepy collage of broken baby dolls, disorienting flashes of light and flickering  frame changes, and a dark, barely-linear soundscape loosely held together by sinewy snare drums, the persistent pulse and bleep of machines, and warbling keyboards. It’s quite good — especially for a band whose members are all deceased, according to their Facebook page.

There’s a gothic mythology behind that, of course — entities are alive and working on the posthumous album, with seven songs presently posted on Lovesong’s Soundcloud page.  Check out the video for “boy girl song” — courtesy of Lovesong’s GJ Lithgow, Julio Lopez (of Grandpa Muck), and Anthony Vandawalker — below.


RPM Orchestra’s Live Score to The Unknown at FilmBar (with Video)

7 Nov

RPM Orchestra takes forgotten audio and weaves it into a pastiche of Avant-garde folk music. By its own definition, their sound comprises “field recordings, lost & found sound, old phonographs, et cetera.”

It’s the “et cetera” part that makes things really interesting. Because RPM Orchestra isn’t just an amalgamation of sounds frozen and forgotten in time – it’s mutable, living music that puts a spontaneous spin on archaic audio. Sort of like pop culture archeology on acid.

Case in point: RPM Orchestra’s live score to the 1927 silent film The Unknown, starring Lon Chaney and Joan Crawford, which showed at the FilmBar in Phoenix on Friday, October 14. I previewed this event in a “Cheap Dates Around the Valley” roundup blog, and true to their word, RPM Orchestra showed up with a plethora of pipes, whistles, horns, rattlers, pans and other assorted implements of percussion. Audience members were encouraged to participate, and were divided into three “toy instruments” sections and given cues.

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Happy Ass and the Angry Sheep

25 Oct

Yesterday, I posted all about my trip to the Arizona State Fair. One of the things I really wanted to do was interview a billy goat, and try to ask questions that could be answered with “baaaaad” and “whaaaaat” and “whooooaa” (yes, I’m a silly weirdo; no, I don’t mind making an ass out of myself).

Well, the goat Q&A didn’t happen. The only billy goats I found were in the petting zoo, and they were too busy following kids with candy and trying to eat my camera strap. So I decided to try and interview a bunch of sheep instead. Just before we started filming this, the handlers began bringing fresh food around, so we got a great chorus of cute and woolly whiners.